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お問い合わせはお問合せフォーム または E-メールで

Please use the order form to send your order.
E-mail, telephone, or fax us for inquiries or orders.
TEL 0475-89-1937  FAX 0475-89-1940
E-mail, telephone, or fax us for inquiries or orders.

1 販売業者 しづ子工房
2 所在地 〒289-1225 千葉県山武郡山武町沖渡547-21
  電話番号 0475-89-1937
  FAX 0475-89-1940
3 注文方法 注文表にて、 E-メール、電話、またはFAXでのご注文もお受けいたします。
4 お支払い方法 銀行振込 現金書留 郵便振替
  商品以外の必要代金 送料
5 振込先
   銀行振り込み 千葉銀行八街支店 普通口座 口座番号 2270847 口座名義 小西しづ子
   郵便振替口座 0017-3-21547 小西しづ子
6 商品発送 入金確認後発送致します。
7 返品 特注紙製品につき 返品不可、色柄の不都合も不可
8 お問い合せ 電話、FAXまたはE-meilにてお願い致します。
9 代表責任者 小西しづ子
Indication according to the law concerning mail-order sales.
( Door-to-door sales law )
1. Seller : Shizuko Kobo
2. Address : 547-21 Okiwatashi, Sanbu-machi, Sanbu-gun,Chiba-ken 〒289-1225 Japan
TEL : 0475-89-1937
FAX : 0475-89-1940
3. Shipping, packing, and handling fees
  Please ask about these,
  since they differ depending on package weight and delivery location.
4. To order: Please complete the order form and send it to us.
(We will contact you to confirm your order and tell you the cost of shipping, etc.)
5. Return of products: Each product is a specially-ordered item; therefore no return of products is
accepted for reasons of color, pattern, etc.
However, we will replace any defective product returned to us.
6. Delivery term Unless you specify a particular delivery date,
the merchandise will be shipped on the day following the day when we receive your payment.
However, if you order a large number of items, it may take longer for shipping.
7. Payment methods:
Bank transfer, For bank transfer,
Please deposit your payment to the following:
Chiba Bank, Yachimata Branch
Ordinary account. No. 2270847
Account. name: Shizuko Konishi
For postal transfer,
Please send payment to: Account. name: Shizuko Konishi
Account. No. 00170-3-21547
Shizuko Konishi
For genkin kakitome, ( registered-letter post containing cash)
Please send payment to: Shizuko Konishi,
547-21 Okiwatashi, Sanbu-machi, Sanbu-gun, Chiba-ken, 298-1225
Tel: 0475-89-1937
(We ship merchandise after we have confirmed that payment has been received. )
8. Representative &
   person responsible :
Shizuko Konishi
9. For e-mail inquiries :
See merchandise pages for prices.

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